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I have always hated going to the dentist since I was a child.  I am now 60.  I knew I had some major dental work due and I was putting it off because the very thought of it bought me out in cold sweats and nausea.  2 sessions with you and I now have 2 crowns plus a clean and polish under my belt without even a missed heart beat.  Thank you Rose.       

Ian Plain lands

My daughter has stopped bedwetting…. I can’t thank you enough!   She is now able to go on school camps and sleepovers.  Our world has changed, thanks to you.         

Tamara North Ipswich

Rose your stop smoking programme is amazing!  I first saw you in April of this year ( 2016) .  I have not thought about smoking since seeing you then, nor have I had the urge to smoke even though I work with a workshop of guys who are all smokers.    

C. Davieson Gatton

Thank you Rose!
The Wednesday after our session on Public speaking, unknowingly I attended a meet and greet/ networking seminar (I need to read the finer details in invitation so it seems!)
I had to stand up in front of 50 people without an “Um” in earshot! and then proceeded to mingle with people afterwards and spoke slowly and clearly about my business.
Yay! Still working on the words, but I feel confident and more so everyday. I have booked in to speak to rotary in March and will have my slides and presentation ready well before. Once I have a date, I’ll send you an invitation!  

K.P. Ipswich
Counselling with Rose has been the best thing for me and my son!   She helped us to communicate effectively.   
Ivy Brassal
Just the thought of having visitors over to my house would cause me to get a sick headache.  I would go into overdrive! I cleaned my windows, washed my floors – twice and baked for days in advance.  Thanks to Rose and RT that’s all in the past. She has changed my life!   
Elli Gatton

Up until last year I was terrified of spiders.  After one session with Rose my fear factor went from being off the richter scale to only three percent.  My second session saw me totally free of my fear.  Thank you so much.  I can now go camping with my family and friends.  

Amanda Beenleigh
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