Money Blocks

As a new business owner, you no doubt have heard the saying,  “survive your first two years in business and the rest is easy from there on in!”

Yes, your first couple of years can be challenging,  and you can quickly hit the wall if you are not prepared for some rainy days.

You have put your body and soul into making your dream come true, and by now you are running on adrenalin.   Yet after all this time, you feel that you are no further along and what’s more, you feel like you can’t take your foot off the accelerator.  You’re exhausted!

I can hear you saying, “ When will this endless struggle end?” You are at the beginning of burnout.

Each day your mind is filled continuously with self-doubting thoughts:- maybe I should have never left my old job, I had security there.  Have I been too impetuous starting my own business?  Who did I think I was even to try?

You’re feeling stuck, frustrated, lonely, angry and disappointed but most of all you feel utterly confused as to what to do next.  Overwhelm sets in, and for many, it is the end of a beautiful dream.

Does this sound familiar?     

Well, you’re not alone.

Many people in business get to this point. They start out with stars in their eyes and after a couple of years find that they are working twice as many hours than they did in their old job with less money in their pockets.

And yes, you may have read all the self-help books in the local library, taken expensive business coaching, purchased the best technology money can buy and still feel disheartened that all of these haven’t fixed your problem.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

There is one single activity that will give you unlimited return on investment.

It’s the one thing every person in business should focus on as early as possible and continue to do regularly.

This one single thing can mean the difference between springing out of bed in the morning, looking forward to a day filled with an effortless flow of abundance and unlimited opportunities coming your way versus the daily grind and struggle of finding money to make ends meet.   Which would you rather have?

This miraculous activity I’m talking about is the ongoing practice of clearing your business money blocks.

Imagine your business is a plant nursery.

Nurseries have been part of your life for the past fifteen years, and now you have decided to go out on your own.  You’ve decided to sell speciality rose bushes plus give your customers an added “wow factor” by serving the best coffee in town at your cafe.  The idea is that they can sit and smell the roses while having superb tasting coffee served in ambient surroundings.  This feeling of euphoria encourages them to take another look around and maybe purchase a second plant. You will make sales from both the nursery and the coffee shop.

You ’ve selected the right location and negotiated the best lease with your landlord.  You’ve decorated your space in modern, trendy colours and picked the perfect stock from your wholesalers, you’ve hired the best-trained staff for the nursery and the small coffee shop attached to your location.  You opened the doors, and everything looks great!  Your first month is fantastic with above average figures, and all your friends are coming for coffee, cake and purchasing a rose bush from you.

Unfortunately, during the third month your barista purchases cheap, low quality coffee beans and is not doing the correct maintenance and cleaning of your coffee machine, and now the coffee shop serves bad coffee.  Even though your plants look great, people are not stopping to purchase coffee ( once bitten twice shy) and not having a second look around the nursery.  The whole experience leaves them wanting more.

Your barista meant well….. he thought he was saving you money and helping you make a more significant profit but his actions are entirely undermining your business.

And all the while you have no idea! You’re doing everything you can to increase cash flow. You change your wholesaler, you buy in another range, you hire new waiting staff, and take out expensive advertising, but still, nothing works!

Business is slow, patrons don’t return, and there’s no word of mouth traffic. You can’t see what else you can possibly do! The nursery looks great, and the staff work tirelessly to keep the plants looking great.

Your problem is that you’re not a coffee drinker and you haven’t taken the time to ask your patrons how was their experience in your nursery.

Your money mindset is like your cafe, and your old money stories and blocks are like your Scrooge of a barista. They mean well, they’re trying to save you from harm, but they’re just not a match to the kind of business and abundance you’re looking to create.

You’ve got business money blocks, so what can you do?

Firstly, you need to dig deeper and find out what is really going on in your nursery.  How do you do that? Well, you start to talk to the staff and your patrons.  Secondly, you need to have a look at your money blocks or the patterns that seem to be part of your life when you deal with money.

We create our own reality, but most of the time we do this completely unconsciously. In fact, up to 98% of our thoughts, feelings, words and actions are entirely unconscious. And most of the time don’t even belong to us!.

To create change, we must first become aware of these patterns-like not having enough, or money is hard to come by, or in this case, cash leaves a sour taste in my mouth!

The moment you become aware of any pattern, that’s the time to release it.  From there, you can make powerful new choices and create new patterns that will serve you.

An easy way to become aware of is asking yourself empowering questions:

  1. What are the patterns of money in my life?
  2. What are some of the things I was told about money growing up?
  3. What do I remember witnessing and experiencing about abundance and wealth as a child?

The answers will be eye opening and life changing.

Do you currently have business money blocks? Let me help you.

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