What causes anxiety?  There are many different theories behind the cause but because each of us differ,  making it more difficult to pin point the specific reason behind its beginning.
There is evidence that anxiety concerns may develop from physical symptoms like an over active thyroid gland which controls different body functions. Anxiety and different types of medications  sometimes do not match,  so it is important to talk to your doctor before taking any tablets/pills from over the counter that you are not familiar with.
I have found that stressful events-past or present are main factors behind a persons anxious moments. If depression/anxiety runs in the family

then there is an increased risk or possibility that history may repeat itself. We all have anxious moments but it is how we deal with these upsets which is the important thing. Anxiety can be brought on by the least little thing but

common factors like losing a job, moving house, and parting of the ways from a partner are just a few to mention. To deal with these depressing events we have to learn to cope and it is by learning coping techniques that  you will notice your depression/anxiety symptoms easing.

Relaxation classes like yoga have a great effect on patients who suffer from emotional disturbances in their mind body and soul. Meditation has been found to be most beneficial to many people suffering from anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Anxiety does affect people in diverse ways. Many patients experience anxiety chiefly through emotional /psychological symptoms, while others suffer from

physical effects. Either way both are powerful enough to destroy lives.  Anyone at anytime can become affected by anxiety.  Five per cent of the population at some stage in their lives have had an anxiety or a depressive

bout, where it has left them feeling agitated and concerned for their health. Doctors now diagnose ongoing anxiety as a mental health disorder. During the past five years a  greater number of people suffering from anxiety have presented to their doctors with an irregular heartbeat and chest pains, believing that they are experiencing  a heart attack only to be diagnosed with a  panic attack or a case of severe anxiety  .

Reclaim your mind, body and soul naturally-if modern science is not your way of dealing with such health matters then try yoga and  meditation to aid with the healing process.  Hypnotherapy has proven to be very successful in the healing process for anxiety. Natural courses of herbal remedies such as St. John’s wort are readily available at your pharmacy.

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