Chakra is a Sanskrit word that implies a wheel. The wheel of a cart to be exact. So, by that definition, your car has 4 chakras, your bicycle has 2, your big rig has 18 and that moveable cart you bought at Ikea has  4.

You, have 7 chakras (main ones)and a whole lot more ( sub chakras) which carry you through life, they turn and carry you to all sorts of wonderful destinations… unless of course one or more go flat, or bald and that is when you go out of alignment and your axle gets stuck, which of course means suffering. 

Chakra spinning anti clock wise

When we don’t understand chakras as aspect of our selves we fall out of balance. And this is because we favour one part of ourselves and deny another. To keep balance we try all sorts of self help aspects like not have negative emotions and keeping positive thoughts 24/7…. Which is nearly impossible in todays world.

Now here’s the trick- there is no such thing as a negative emotion or negative energy like you have been taught.

EVERY ENERGY or emotion has a function! When energy or emotions are not supressed, denied or pushed away they function absolutely harmoniously.

So next time you get that emotion or energy coming over you, look at it as part of you, understand there is a reason for it being there, learn what it is trying to tell you and move on . What throws us off balance is our belief about the energy not the energy itself.


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