Fear of Failure

Overcome fear of failure and do what you want to do

Is fear holding you back from making 2019 the best year ever?
Are you unable to act because of the thought of how “terrible” it would be to “get it wrong”?
What is it you really want – or need- to do? Maybe it’s something to do with your work, your career or even a change of career altogether.
It could be personal like, asking someone out on a date, starting a conversation or just getting more out of your life.

Fear of failure is not completely irrational

Worrying about failure is not irrational.  We all do it – worry about how things will work out. Being human gives us a great advantage over all the other species in our world.  The advantage is that we can imagine results and circumstances and prepare for different scenarios in advance.

However, there is a downside to all of this! We let our imaginations go wild and get hooked on the drama of it all.  Once your emotions get over stimulated, we begin to feel afraid and tend to pay more attention to those negative feelings rather than listen to our rational mind.  Those negative thoughts stop us from achieving what we really want in our life.

By using hypnosis you can overcome your fear of failure. YOU can prepare yourself to do something challenging without self-sabotaging your ambitions for success.

With hypnosis, you’ll notice that you:

  • embrace a new sense of calmness in your life
  • be able to relax deeply
  • think more calmly and clearly in all situations
  • will confidently tackle things that you once thought impossible
  • start to trust yourself more
  • enjoy challenges

If failure is holding you back, why not try letting hypnotherapy into your life and let 2019 be the best year yet?





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