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Have you tried to stop smoking and failed before, maybe even multiple times? Have you used patches, mints, gum or Faux cigarettes with little or no success? Why is it so hard for you to quit smoking?

Because at some point in time you gave up your control over smoking cigarettes. You allowed your unconscious mind to take over and it now does it automatically for you.  When you first experimented with cigarettes you did it consciously, you had to learn how to light one, draw the smoke in without coughing and control the head spin.  Now because you have repeated the action so many times, you smoke one cigarette after another without thinking.  So tell me, which cigarette of the day do you enjoy to most….. really enjoy?

If it’s the one before breakfast or the one after dinner then all the rest is done by your unconscious mind- simply out of habit and I bet you don’t even realise that you are smoking them.

So why haven’t you stopped smoking?

  • Every smoker knows the smoking is not good for their health, it robs them of their money and they do not have the willpower to stop.
  • Some people worry that if they stop smoking they will put on weight.
  • Others say that smoking helps them cope with stress.
  • All say they don’t want to go through the withdrawal symptoms.
  • Most say they are addicted to cigarettes.
  • People around me smoke and it is too hard.

Regardless of your reasons – it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are weak. What it does mean is that you are addicted to a behaviour which I can change for you.

Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes

You can STOP SMOKING in 60 minutes.

My “Stop Smoking” program in Ipswich comes with TWO OPTIONS.  Regardless of which system you choose,  you will become a healthy, confident non-smoker.

OPTION 1.  One session of Stop Smoking treatment.   You leave my clinic a happy, healthy and confident non-smoker and over one year, you will have saved in excess of $7280. Allow 2 hours for treatment.

OPTION 2.  Stop Smoking Coaching.     This option provides hypnotherapy as per option 1,  combined with coaching and support that changes your life and anchors the position of being a healthy non-smoker for life.    It is conducted over 3 sessions.  Allow 1.5 hours per each treatment.   UNLIMITED follow up sessions in the ensuing twelve months from your initial session – at NO EXTRA COST -Guaranteed.

Regardless of which option you choose, you will walk out of my office as a confident, happy, healthy, NON-SMOKER because my hypnosis sessions are a powerful combination of advanced hypnotherapy and NLP, making it easy for you to quit smoking.  You won’t be left feeling bad-tempered, fidgety, hungry and in control of your health because my system removes the feelings of anxiety and depression and the desire to smoke.  No gimmicks or false claims.  Just sit back and relax. It couldn’t be easier.

Reasons people give me to justify their smoking 
I’ll put on weight if I stop smoking
I would expect you to put on 1 – 2 kilos in weight once you become a non-smoker.
When you smoke your cells dehydrate.  If you don’t believe me, take a look at the skin of a 50-year-old smoker compared to a non-smoker.  When you become a non-smoker your body will crave fluids to rehydrate those skin cells. Drink pure, filtered water – it is best!  The weight you put on is not fat or even water retention.  It is simply rehydration.

Last time I ate lollies and sweets and put on weight
You will not crave sweets or other bad food once you have stopped smoking.  This method completely eliminates any notion of cravings.  Of course, you always have a choice to eat what you wish but substituting sweets for cigarette simply won’t happen. Your subconscious mind will be programmed to not allow this to happen.  My system trains your mind to take on new habits so you won’t go looking for the Lollie jar.
*  If you are really concerned about weight gain, please tackle the smoking issue first and then we can work on a weight loss

It helps me relax
How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?
Research shows that smokers really only enjoy 2 cigarettes a day – the rest is on autopilot.  You probably don’t even consciously remember that you are smoking until it’s time to stub it out.   So what is happening here?
Your first puff of a cigarette mimics the action of taking a deep breath.  Take a moment now to inhale deeply.  Feel the air going into your lungs.  Exhale.  Do it again.  Do you feel relaxed? It’s the breathing that relaxes you not the chemicals from the cigarettes.  In fact, the chemicals are stimulants…… they actually prevent the oxygen from fully doing its relaxing job.
You are not missing out on relaxation by becoming a NON- SMOKER.  One deep breath is enough to relax you!

I used patches/ gum/ Faux cigarettes and they did not work!
I’m not surprised!  Think about what you were saying to your subconscious when you bought and used those products.
I cannot live without a cigarette.  I cannot do without nicotine.  My body needs it.  I am TRYING HARD not to smoke but I NEED that Nicotine so I must REPLACE the nicotine in the cigarette with the nicotine in another product and as long as I keep using those products I will NEED TO HAVE A CIGARETTE”.
By substituting the cigarette for gum or patches or whatever, you are reinforcing the false message in your mind that cigarettes are hard to live without.  It is something your body needs.  No wonder these methods failed you!
Remember: The subconscious brain will always give you what it believes you want/need.

So why stop smoking now? 
Apart from the money, you will save from becoming a non-smoker, your health and the health of your family will improve,  your sex life and relationships will improve, and you no longer will smell of tobacco and be a social outcast.

What’s Involved?

Simply ring and make an appointment.

When you come to my office there is some easy paperwork to do.

I’ll also gather background information about your smoking habit – this helps me create the script I will use in your session. Each of my scripts is tailored to my client’s unique reasons for wanting to stop smoking.

You will then simply relax for 60 minutes under hypnosis and when you awake – you will be a healthy, confident, non-smoker.

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The truth is:
There is nothing in a cigarette that you need.  The Tobacco companies have invested a lot of money in their campaigns to convince you otherwise!


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