The Turning Point

The turning point came for Anne when she was in agony and her body felt and looked like it was old, many years past her real age. To make things worse she was overlooked for a key promotion at work where she would head up a team to work with teenagers. A promotion that she had counted on because of the pay increase as well as the self-esteem that it would have created for her.

Anne was very much aware that the senior management team were all non-smokers and this would make her the odd man or woman out. But she believed that her work ethics would have compensated for that issue – her smoke breaks in exchange for a lunch break. This was fair wasn’t it – for everybody concerned?

Anne made an appointment with the senior partner of the firm to discuss why she had been passed over for the promotion. Being passed over for this promotion really hurt and she needed to know why and to get things right in her head so that she could move on with her life, perhaps get more training to improve her skills.

What came out of this discussion really upset Anne but also it was a blessing.

” Anne I am sorry that you are feeling hurt but we, the management, had to make a decision for the good of the whole company. We appreciate that you have been with us for the past 10 years and you have been a valued worker and you still are. However, we needed a company representative to work with teenagers who would set a good example for them.”

Anne said,” I don’t understand, why can’t I set a good example to them?”  Anne’s face looked bewildered.

“Because you are a smoker. You would be unavoidably exposing these teenagers to smoking. And you know that is against company policy.”

” I don’t smoke in the office, nor would I smoke near them. I can’t understand how you can say this?” Anne instantly went on the defensive.

“Anne, everyone knows your a heavy smoker. We all can smell it on you – in your hair and on your clothes. No amount of perfume can hide that stale smell. You are the only one who can’t smell it. That smell stays in the office long after you have walked away and it’s not plesant. Look at your fingers – they are stained and a dead giveaway that you’re a smoker. And don’t get me started on your cough!”

“But I don’t let my smoking interfere with my job. I don’t take a lunch hour because I know I take time out to have a puff or two.”

“Yes, and I appreciate that but that has nothing to do with our decision.  You need to lead these teenagers by example, and in your case, the example you would be setting is that it is OK to smoke. And you know, and I know that in this day and age- it’s not. I am sorry Anne but this is not the role for you as long as you are a smoker.”

Anne came to see me for Stop Smoking Hypnosis

woman smoking . Her appointment was over 1.5 hours and she left my office as a non-smoker.

She quit not because of the cost, smell or her stained fingers.
She quit because she finally understood that her smoking had cost her the career rise and the promotion she badly craved. But more than this, her smoking was setting the wrong example for her own teenage children. It was one thing not to be able to help the other teenagers in the program but it was time to be able to help her own children with her example.

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